Stay ahead of potential threats

As cyber security rapidly evolves, 94% of organizations admit they struggle to maintain a healthy vulnerability management program. Continuous tracking and remediation of vulnerabilities from scanners, security systems, audit findings and documentation across an agency is tedious and time consuming. Falling behind on this critical component of security leaves your organization open to attacks and possible regulatory violations.

Reduce risk, free existing resources and strengthen your defenses with Netmodo. Our team of security researchers helps clients analyze, organize and visualize raw vulnerability data across all their systems. We make it easier to monitor risk, identify the biggest threats and fix weaknesses before a breach occurs. 

Monitoring risk should be simple

Continuously see your full security risk at a glance using our vulnerability management dashboard. We aggregate your vulnerability data so that approved members of your leadership and security teams can track the progress of remediation and focus on specific threats.

Netmodo replaces the traditional approach to tracking risk via Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) spreadsheets or archaic GRC tools. Easily drill down to look at individual systems. Sort by risk rating, dates and sources to focus on weaknesses with the greatest impact. Assign findings to team members, track corrective action plans and resources needed. Update the status of weaknesses when completed.

We help you focus on your core business.

No employees to hire

We serve as an extension of your security team. Provide your raw results, audit findings and we will do the heavy lifting contextualizing the data, identifying false positives and ranking vulnerabilities with the greatest impact.

Save Time and Money

Reduce IT vulnerability management costs by over 50 percent. By eliminating manual and tedious functions, your internal resources can focus on remediation efforts to strengthen your organizations security posture. 

Stay Compliant

Our managed Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services simply the regulatory process. Close gaps and easily demonstrate compliance; generate reports for management, auditors, examiners. 

"Our managed threat Intelligence services extends your visibility of risks beyond the edges of your network to help protect your organization. We identify employee targeted phishing attacks, impersonated brand accounts; uncover stolen information and pirated intellectual property; monitor key company and employee accounts for compromise; and track emerging vulnerabilities that could adversely effect your operations."

- James Smith, CTO Westerns