We are looking to deploy ___ across the company. What is our risk? 

Netmodo is a managed risk intelligence research consultancy. We conduct assessments and continuous cyber risk monitoring to help our clients identify emerging cyber threats targeting their business, employees and customers. We serve as an extension of your security team and strengthen your defenses both from a human and a technological perspective. 

We take the time to understand your business, identify technologies you rely on, then conduct threat analysis and modeling to identify ways the bad guys can threaten your business operations. 

Risk can come from anywhere. 

94% of organizations struggle to maintain a healthy security environment. Hackers are shifting from directly targeting your networks to phishing unknowing employees and senior leadership. Social media and mobile devices present an emerging risk. Outdated software and hardware are rattled with vulnerabilities. As cyber security rapidly evolves, it is becoming more difficult for organizations to monitor the state of their cyber security posture. We are here to help. 

From your internal network, policies, to the web, social media, and Internet of things; our team of security researchers continuously analyzes different sources of risk data and conduct ongoing high level assessment across your organization using industry best practices. 

Stay ahead of potential threats.

We turn insight into actionable intelligence for compliance, vulnerability management and remediation. Weaknesses are ranked based on severity so you can prioritize resources to fix and stay protected. We offer recommendations based on real-world industry trends and help track remediation progress to ensure findings are addressed quickly. 

The best posture to adopt is one that predicts, identifies and prevents an attack before it happens. If your an organization that finds itself far from the ideal information security situation. Our continuous managed threat intelligence solution can help fill the gap with a focus on prevention.

Benefits to working with the Netmodo team. 

No Employees to Hire

We're a managed service. We serve as an extension of your security team, filling the knowledge gap of emerging threats to help protect your organizations security and compliance posture.

Continuous Monitoring

Reduce IT vulnerability management costs by over 50 percent. By eliminating manual and tedious functions, your internal resources can focus on remediation efforts to strengthen your organizations security posture. 

Stay Compliant

Our managed Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services simply the regulatory process. Close gaps and easily demonstrate compliance; generate reports for management, auditors, examiners. 

"We just saved over $300,000 by working with Netmodo. We had no idea a new hardware solution we wanted to implement across our entire organization would have put us at such risk. Their insight and detailed feedback helped us to pick a much better solution for our company.  "

- James Smith, CTO Westerns