Netmodo is predictive cyber threat intelligence for any business.  


Tailored Intelligence

Our solution is focused only on your critical business assets and its supporting components.


Continuous Monitoring

We monitor and conduct research across intelligence, vulnerability and OEMs sources.

Actionable Reports

Threats that impact you, we provide alerts with details and actionable recommendations.

We focus on identifying emerging threats in...


Enterprise Software

IoT / SCADA Solutions

Network Devices

Service Providers


Prevention Is Better Than Detection

Netmodo is proactive and predictive threat intelligence. We take an active step into leveraging breach activity happening in the broader world to protect your most critical assets. Our approach is focused specifically on the technologies and services your business most relies on. 

We filter through the noise. When we identify issues that can impact your business; we immediately provide a detailed description of the potential threat discovered, associated risk level and our suggested recommendations to prevent or remediate your risk. Our mission is simple; help our clients make informed decisions about addressing gaps before a breach happens.


Benefits To Your Organization

Focused on Critical Assets

We only focus on tools and services you business relies on. We monitor for threats, public and zero-day vulnerabilities, patch releases, required security settings buried in documentation.

Reduce Business Risk

We take an active step to predict, identify and provide early notifications. Averted cyber security threats can save your organization on resources, costs, lawsuits, and brand reputation.

No Employees to Hire

We are a managed service. We serve as an extension of your security team, filling the knowledge gap of emerging threats to help protect your organization.

"Our organization delivers healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of American citizens. We can’t afford to wait until the bad buys are in our network before we act. Netmodo plays an important part in helping our security teams identify potential threats to assets in our infrastructure. The Netmodo team has caught more than 3 critical threats that would have been devastating to our business if we had not fixed the issues in time. Totally worth our investment."

- CTO of Healthcare Service Provider