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In our modern world of mobile, cloud services, social networks and the Internet of Things; criminals are leveraging the scale, trusted nature and anonymity on the Internet to launch a new breed of highly-effective attacks on organizations. They infiltrate trusted social circles to launch targeted phishing campaigns and brand impersonations to customer fraud and account hijacking. They use illegal websites and chat rooms to share stolen credentials used to infiltrate your network. This trend is the new normal.

Our managed threat Intelligence services extends your visibility of risks beyond the edges of your network to help protect your organization. To accomplish this by actively detecting when bad actors attempt to target your brand, intellectual property, computer systems and employees. Our subject matter experts monitor vulnerability feeds, dark web websites, social media, industry trends, and regulatory changes. We identify employee targeted phishing attacks, impersonated brand accounts; uncover stolen information and pirated intellectual property; monitor key company and employee accounts for compromise; and track emerging vulnerabilities that could adversely effect your operations. When a risk is uncovered, we’ll provide you with a report of the threat, and include a risk rating and our suggested recommendations to prevent or remediate the risk.

90% of attacks are planned on the web. 65 of phishing attacks start from a social media site. Nearly 4 billion stolen credentials were identified on dark web websites in 2015. In today’s cyber threat landscape, solely relying on basic security tools, anti-virus software and firewalls is not enough to combat the dangers that exist today. Register to begin taking a preventive approach to your social and web cyber security needs.

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